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coloflylady posted a status
"My research seems to indicate that this is the Sugarbaker Surgery or something similar. Has anyone had it done?"
2 hours ago
coloflylady posted a status
"and scrap my entire abdominal cavity. Has anyone heard of this?"
4 hours ago
coloflylady posted a status
"He states that he thinks that they should do removal of the tumor on my right ovary, also take my left ovary"
4 hours ago
coloflylady posted a status
"I just came in from seeing the GYNONC surgeon and ugh..."
4 hours ago

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Ft. Lauderdale, FL - 5/17/2014

Denver, CO - 6/28/2014

Tacoma, WA - 6/28/2014
Jersey Shore, NJ - 7/19/2014
Nashville, TN - 8/16/2014

Philadelphia, PA - 9/13/2014



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