Chat Room

The My CCA Support chat room is a place for those affected by colon cancer to have an open dialogue, share personal experiences, pose questions and discuss topics related to this devastating disease.


You can chat anytime by clicking "Start Chatting" under the chat tab or by joining one of our scheduled chats. Learn more about how to participate in the chat room using our Chat Room How-To Guide.


Daily Web Chats

  • Informal, moderated chats for anyone seeking help and support
  • Meets daily at 12 pm ET

Stage IV-Um and Friendship

  • Meets every Tuesday at 7 pm ET
  • Focuses on stage IV, but all stages are welcome
  • The first Tuesday of each month features a discussion topic

Note: If you do not want to appear in the chat room when you are on My CCA Support, you can click the green dot at the bottom right corner of the page to go “offline.”

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