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White (non-Hispanic)
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Colon Cancer
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Stage 4
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Fluoroucil (5-FU), Avastin (Bevacizumab), Vectibix (Panitumumab), Camptosar (Irinotecan/CPT-11), Eloxatin (Oxaliplatin), Erbitux (Cetuximab), Other
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2006 - Colon, throughout abdomen, pelvis, liver, left ovary. Innumerable tumors. Immediate Colon resection, ovary removal. Followed by 8 months of 5FU/ avastin/ and oxaliplatin. Down to 2 liver spots and 1 spot in abdomen. Nice job Dr. Farid Fata - We then left Dr. Fata's care and went to Karmanos Cancer Institute - This decision we would later regret and could possibly cost me my life.

2007 - Surgery - liver resection, tumor in pelvis removed - Surgery was advised by the surgeon at Karmanos but against the advice of Dr. Phillip Phillip at Karmanos Cancer. He then chose not to follow up after surgery with chemo and of coarse cancer was back at my next ct scan. - Dr. Phillip Phillip reason for not continuing chemo was, "Technically you do not have cancer so no chemo needed" I would strongly recommend not to go to Karmanos for colon cancer. I left Karmanos and went back to a Dr. Farid Fata for more aggressive treatment. Metastasis to 1 spot in new part of liver (which is why you get chemo after surgery to kill the straying cells).

2007 - 4 months of Camptosar/erbitux/avastin therapy and then a full hysterectomy including remaining ovary(which turned out to be cancerous), and RFA on my liver tumor. Nice job Dr. Farid Fata - he's aggressive - back on same Camptosar/erbitux/avastin therapy to hopefully kill any remaining cells.

2008 - June - metastasis to lungs? 2mm, 6mm, 7mm. They do not light up on Pet Scan. Back on 5FU/ avastin/ and oxaliplatin. Watching liver - scar from surgery or Cancer? So Pett test determined to be inconclusive.

2008 - July - Mayo Clinic just to make sure everything is ok. CAT and Pett still inconclusive. 2 spots on lung, not necessarily cancer, liver being watched. No help. Chemo continues 5FU/ avastin/ and oxaliplatin. Lesson learned: it's not necessary where you go but who you see.

Oct. 2008, Oncologist sends me to consult with liver surgeon Dr. Madhu Prasad. He suggests RFA for liver surgery ... he would remove my Caudate Lobe and take a biopsy of the last RFA that he did to confirm whether cancerous or not. If cancerous he will do a resection during the operation. Not concerned with lung spots now.

October 16, 2008 Oncologist and surgeon consulted with each other and decided that I will switch to folfir and oxylaplatin for 3 months and then revisit my surgical options if needed. We need to be sure I will respond to therapy before we go down the surgery route again. Chemo (5FU and oxylaplatin) will be 21 consecutive days of chemo pump and one week off. The good news is that all 5 tumors are small and chemo might be all I need (Wishful thinking).

Jan 1, 2009 -The 21 day infusion got the best of me. 3 day therapy used instead.

2009 - Feb. - Surgeon Madhu Prasad consult confirms No cancer anywhere according to PET Scan!!! - Follow up chemo 5FU/ avastin/ and oxaliplatin for 2 more months. Surgeon says liver spots are surgery scars.

2009 - August - Cat Scan new spot in liver, 4 spots in lungs, 2 abdominal spots. New chemo 5FU, CPT-11, Vectibix - wish he would have been more aggressive with the lung spots a year ago. ie: Remove each spot as they show up. not wait and see what they are going to do.

2009 - November - Pett Scan - liver not lighting up (oncologist says cancerous, surgeon says Not cancerous), lungs 2 of 4 spots light up on Pet, abdomen 2 spots lighting up. CPT11, 5FU, Vectibix not working....... KRAS testing would have been helpful - Now Out of Current Chemo Options.

November 2009 - Molecular Profiling Test - Removing 2 tumors from belly for testing. Update: I will start on a breast cancer chemo, according to the molecular profile test.

Nov. 2009 - metastasis to spine. Update: emotional journey to find out NO metastasis to spine. The only cancer is 4 in lungs. all small and peripheral. Radiation in February 2010 if still present.

The journey continues........

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers,
About Me
I have 3 children 25, 24, 14 in 2006 and an adorable husband who has been extremely supportive through all of this. I was diagnosed April 12, 2006, first child married May 6, 2006, second child married June 11, 2006. Very emotional journey ............ I pray every night for a peaceful journey and that is exactly what I have experienced. My heart goes out to others and their families who are experiencing this journey as well.

My oncologist is out of Rochester Hills, Michigan. His name is Dr. Farid Fata. I strongly suggest at least counseling with him if you are from this area. 248-650-1090 He aggressively tries to save your life, not just give you chemo. He is from Sloan Kettering, NY

My surgeon is Madhu Prasad, DMC Detroit.
313-993-7882 He is an aggressive surgeon. 50% of his business is patients who have been told they are not surgical candidates. He is compassionate and sensible. He also is fighting for your life. He is from cancer center in Massachusetts (can't remember the name, I'll post when I do)

Dr. Frazier in Clarkston Michigan is my radiologist. He seems to be very aggressive too. Just what I need. 248-922-6610. Great Lakes Cancer Institute.

Take care always,

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  • Jeanne A

    Hi Linda,

    Just read your story - what a journey you've had!  It sounds like there's very little relief from thinking about and dealing with cancer.  I was diagnosed in Oct 2005; I haven't had the complications you've had, but I've dealt with 3 recurrences, and I'm on chemo for the 4th time.

    Just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you, and sending positive thoughts.

    Jeanne A.

  • Nancy Butterfield

    Hi Linda,

    I just posted a note on your blog about clinical trials. I see Jeannie was already looking for one. You may find some help with our new service:



    Good luck, thinking of you,

    Nancy - Patient Support

  • Jeannie Moore

    I'm so sorry we lost Linda - To her family and friends, I hope you find comfort in your memories - she was a brave, kind soul.  We are very saddened for all who knew and loved her.

    jeannie moore

    patient support