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managing pain

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White (non-Hispanic)
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Colon Cancer
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Stage 4
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Fluoroucil (5-FU), Avastin (Bevacizumab), Eloxatin (Oxaliplatin)
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Lung Nodules, recurrent at original resection
About Me
I was originally dianogsed October 2004 Stage II. Had a colon resection and no chemo. Stayed under watchful eyes at West Clinic, complained of symptoms and swollen abdomen. Cat scan showed nothing. 5 months later my obgyn sent me for another cat scan (away from cancer center) and a 3 lb tumor was discovered in ovary and perotineal area in abdomen and invasion into vagina. Colonoscopy tested positive for cancer recurrence at resection. Pet scan showed small nodules in lungs too small to biopsy. Surgeons removed tumor and vaginal resection and hysterectomy.Started chemo completed with all scans clean up until December 2008 when lung nodule increased by 2mm. Recent Pet scan done February 09 showed nodules in lung and at resection site. Colonoscopy performed March 2009 tested positive for cancer cells at resection. Oncologist is saying surgery not an option just chemo. Giving 15 months average survival. I don't believe this and why isn't surgery in my colon an option just because I have a nodule that is still only 6mm in size???

Latest update

I made it through 7 treatments of Avastin/Xeloda and that seemed to keep things from growing out of control. I finished my last treatment January 2010. My oncologist at West Clinic referred me to MD Anderson because he felt surgery might be an option since they have some of the best colorectal surgeons there. I had a week of tests including, Pet, CAT, and MRI. Results showed that my cancer had spread to the vaginal apex (again) (I had a hysterectomy in 2007 when the cancer had returned after my resection in 2004 ) and I had a vaginal resection then. The cancer returned to the apex and at the rectosigmoid junction which was where the bottom reconnection was done of my colon. In addition I have the two nodules in my lungs and they although stable are still there. MD Anderson was great and very detailed and thorough. Surgeon I talked to was Dr. Skibber and he said surgery was doable, resection, with temporary ilestomy and removal of cancer. However that would be after 6 weeks of rad/chemo 5 days a week then wait 6 weeks and have that surgery. I meet with a Thorasic Surgeon Dr. Swisher and he said the lung surger to remove the two nodules would be done in 2 seperate surgeries. Dr. Skibber was a delightful person and he told me that the surgery is doable but that I was ok for now and really needed to make a decision on that myself. In otherwords he wasn't gung ho on doing the surgery but it was doable but because of the intense chemo radiation before the surgery then the 3 surgeries planned afterward that was alot. I prayed all night about making the right decision, ie.,what if I go through all this and it still doesn't get rid of the cancer. Will I have spent months in Houston away from my loved ones and suffering for nothing and my quality of life be poor and I am going to die anyway?? I know thse are questions everyone has to ask and I prayed alot the night before that GOD would pleae give me some guidance on what to do. The next morning as we were packing up to go , MD Anderson called an said after their consult with my entire team the night before, a radiologist pointed out a spot in my omentum that needed to be biopsied and that the outcome of that biopsy would determine whether surgery was even an option anynore. Well was that my sign from GOD??? I had the biopsy done yesterday and based on the outcome of that biopsy, we will take another turn in the fork of the cancer treatment road. All I can say is GOD has the plan for our lives. I am ok whatever that plan is and I'm not afraid to die and I'm not giving up but accepting whatever his plan is and have to just keep praying for guidance. I have been a very lucky person in that I have lived with cancer for 6 years now and I have had a good quality of life even through chemo I have been able to work and spend time with my family. What is ahead is something that I don't worry about anymore. I have a peace within me that I cannot explain. Because God keeps reminding me that Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.( Matthew 6:34 )Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? ( Matthew 6:27 ) (TWO OF THE BEST BIBL VERSES FOR ANXIETY).. I AM HERE TO TESTIFY ABOUT THE MERCY OF OUR GOD. HE DOESN'T PROMISE TO HEAL US ALL NOW HERE ON EARTH, BUT HE DOES PROMISE WE WILL ALL BE HEALED IN HEAVEN. CANCER WILL NOT TAKE MY FAITH.

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What do I need to know

Posted on March 19, 2009 at 1:09am 5 Comments

I am getting ready to start a new chemo program. I was previously on 5fu7,Avastin,Oxylplatin. Cancer recurred 6 months after that treatment. Now we are going with Camptosar and Erbitux... What do I need to know about the differences in the side affects.. I am scared If I am going to be sicker than I was the 1st time with the other treatment program, I don't know If I can handle worse.
Can someone help...

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At 5:22pm on March 30, 2011, Debe Hodges said…
Hi Susie! I live in Collierville but almost bought a house in Williston! We love the little town! I hope all is going better for you and treatment is working. I am going to the Family Cancer Center by Baptist Hospital - Memphis. Dr. Justin Monroe did my surgery on March 3,2011. I will be praying for you!
At 3:01pm on August 15, 2010, David LaMere said…
I know how you feel - I have Stage 4 rectal cancer. I done 11 treatments of chemo and have one left. Drs say there is no hope and that they are giving me a break from chemo after #12. It has spread to my liver and lungs (nodes). Statics are that I have a year to live. The chemo has taken a toll on me and they said there is no sense in putting myself through surgeries when I will die anyway. I am like you I'm not afraid to die but don't know what to do. I'm only 55 with a wonderful family. I don't work anymore as I'm so sick from the chemo and lost 80 lbs. I just want to enjoy what I have left. If I was you I wouldn't do any surgeries and enjoy what you have left. If you want to contact me please do so at - We can talk. It's good to talk to someone that is going through the samething. Sometimes people don't understand what we are going through. I am on alot of pain medicines. I try to travel as much as possible between chemo treatments and enjoy what I have left. I just hope I last longer. They are talking about after #12 taking 2 months off of everything and then maybe taking a chemo pill to slow it up as long as possible.
My tumor marker is now down to 12 and all my tumors have shrunk alot. I go for a c-scan on 8/27 to see how good I'm doing. We were handed a bad hand of cards. I just don't want to suffer
Dave from New Jersey
At 12:38pm on July 30, 2010, Jeannie Moore said…
You're almost there Susie! Hang in there - I'm relieved to see it's working and hope it continues!!! Rest when you need - the fatigue will most likely get a little worse. How are you feeling?
thinking of you,
At 8:09pm on July 29, 2010, Catherine Dixon said…

I am so glad you are finding some relief. I am praying for you.

At 3:38am on June 23, 2010, Melinda Brady said…
More info read the other first:
I still have a lot of pain and I am on a pain patch and immediate release morphine to get me through a day. My abdomen feels like it is one huge knot and I just think if it was all scooped out I would find relief, this is from the radiation and it caused my reconstructed vagina to collapse, which was what Dr. Smiley was planning to happen, but I am still dealing with granulation issues and vaginal pain, the skin is extremely tender and will bleed with any wrong way of sitting or bump when driving.

The reality is this is a life saving procedure but it is an extremely long recovery. I am at almost two years and I still cannot sit, stand, walk for very long time and I get off the couch worse than an 80 year old woman, I think I have arthritis in my back also from this surgery, who knows what all I have to deal with, I now have GOUT, and got a BOIL thanks to the chemo side effects. i was on your original regiment so I cannot help with the new stuff. Please shoot me a note if you have any specific questions.
At 3:30am on June 23, 2010, Melinda Brady said…

I saw Dr. Smiley at West Clinic in Germantown. I had an entire pelvic exeneration in September 2008. I was in open surgery with 5 surgeons for 15 hours and at one time 8 were in the operating room assisting. It was a grueling surgery and it saved my life. I was confident in my team, Dr. Monroe was my GI surgeon, my urologist Dr. Conrad is one of the best in the midsouth, but there is a new one that the team worked with on two other ladies that were able to have the jpouch instead of the ileo conduit. Dr. Quigley was my plastic surgeon and did the vaginal flap. I then followed up with chemo, chemo/radiation. and chemo again. I just had my first two month check and CT scan and if I get no call by today then I am in the all clear for this round. My mass was huge in my pelvic area. I did not have the lung mets, but it sounds like it all is operable at this point. I am interested to know if Cyberknife has been discussed for the lung mets? If they are in a good location then I would think it would be a good thing to ask about.

I am a little less than two years out from recovery and my body is operating at about 30%, I still cannot lift anything over 5 lbs since I am at an extremely high risk to hernias due to scar tissue. I was in the hospital icu until for almost 2 weeks and on the surgical floor for an additional 2.5 weeks. Other's spent less time but my inicision had to be dehisced my my surgeon due to it not healing, I went home with a wound vac in a post op state. They had got some patients on the floor that had some kind of blood disease that they could not identify and was worried about how contagious it was, so I was sent home a week earlier from the hospital due to my parents willing to take me on and have home healthcare in the home 5 days a week. I was like that until December, then I finally started doing a little better and made up upstairs to my bedroom for the first time in 4 months. I still have problems with sitting for long periods.
At 11:54am on June 17, 2010, Jeannie Moore said…
Hey Susie - i posted on the main board too - we only do radiation on the rectal area - not the colon. If you have not had oxiliplatin, I would think having xeloda/oxil plus the radiation may actually kill two birds with one stone (don't know why I use that - hate that analogy) anywho, it may also shrink your lung mets to the point of removing them or having cyberknife etc. and shrink the primary tumor in the rectum so you go to the bathroom easier.

I agree that that surgery sounds like a huge challenge. We know recovering from any surgery is tough, but this one sounds like you'd be in recovery for a long time.

I'd be curious to see what a radiologist has to offer you treatment wise.
thinking of you,
At 6:17pm on June 2, 2010, Whidbey Woman said…
I am praying for you right now. Keep trusting Him, Susie.
At 9:06pm on May 19, 2010, Cynthia West said…
Wow! What beautiful words and bible verses (two of may favorites). I am so glad that I read that. My hubby, Tom was told by his oncologist Friday that he believes the standard chemos are no longer working and that he needs to look for a clinical trial (Tom has mets to liver, lungs, sacrum bone, peritoneal cavity, and omentum). We went to Stanford yesterday and there was only one clinical trial and it did not look great. Sad news but I agree with everything you said and it helps to see someone else going through this with such a strong faith in God. It is true that cancer cannot take our FAITH and one of my favorite quotes is "when all you have left is God, you find out that God is all you need." I will pray for you and may God continue to bless you. Cyndee
At 7:27pm on May 19, 2010, Jeannie Moore said…
Hey Susie - sorry to hear this latest news. Was there any talk about surgery? After a few rounds of chemo, perhaps it's time to look for another surgical consult. You can remove the omentum...

>Omentectomy refers to the surgical removal of the omentum, a relatively simple procedure with no major side effects, that is performed in cases where there may be spread of cancerous tissue into the omentum>>

Do we know what treatment regime they are putting you on?
thinking of you - time to regroup a bit, absorb this and "get back on that horse" :)

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