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Part 3: Consults and CT Scans

Originally published August 8, 2009

Last Wednesday, July 29th, I went for my consultation with my GI surgeon. In a nutshell, the tumor has grow into the wall and he’s recommended radiation and chemotherapy to shrink the tumor prior to surgery. On Thursday, the 30th, I had a CT scan on Thursday. For a more detailed…


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Part 2 – Kool-Ate: The Great Colonoscopy Adventure

August 2, 2009

This past week was a busy one for me, with several medical appointments. I took most of the week off from work to accommodate the appointments and to give myself a bit…


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5 Keys to Defeating Colon Cancer and Surviving the Cure

Here are my five "keys" to defeating colon cancer. It worked for me and adapted to your specific situation, I am certain it will work for you...

Key #1: Don't play the victim

Key #2: Treat your "whole" self

Key #3: Give back

Key #4: Visualization and Meditation

Key #5: Live a healthy lifestyle

First Key Don't play the victim. Yeah, it's rotten, it sucks, it's scary, it hurts, it's depressing, and none of those feelings are going to help me…


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What's the #GoodForYou all about?

Has anyone noticed the level of daily Twitter chatter around colonoscopy? E.G. Erin Dunsey @shezadunsey drove a bunch of traffic last week when she tweeted her bowel prep.

We've been giving people a "pat on the back" for talking about their experiences publicly--good, bad or ugly--so we started to retweet with the hashtag #goodforyou. You can read more about this here:…


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What's in a name?

First blog post for Third Eye Colonoscopy

If I didn't get to meet you at the 2012 CCA National Conference in Baltimore, here's a heart-felt post about the role Third Eye Retroscope can play in improving the quality of colonoscopy.


Debbie Donovan,

Employee of Avantis Medical Systems

Director, Marketing Third Eye Colonoscopy

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Discovering my NEW NORMAL

I accepted my New Normal about 5 years after surgery for Stage III rectal cancer that required a permanent colostomy. I was 35 years old had two young sons and a beautiful, supportive wife. It was at that point that I bounced from bitter to better. It wasn’t any big lightning bolt event. I just missed doing the fun and active things I had enjoyed before the cancer. I took up surfing with my sons and began charging forward like there was no tomorrow, because I had learned that there may not…


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Cancer Patients and Survivors - Exercise??

I am asked consistently – How do you do it? Biology has a lot to do with it. I have been very fortunate that treatment thus far has been very successful at keeping my cancer “stable”. However, I do attribute a lot of my success so far to various other components. This blog post is just one of the many ways that I have chosen to live that has been beneficial to my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Cancer patients and survivors should strive to get the same…


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Interesting thought process while having a friend visit for a few days

A dear friend of mine is staying at my house for a few days, and storing some things here until she finds a permanent place to live.  When I met her, she weighed about 340 pounds, even with her 5'7" frame that was a LOT of weight.  In 2010 she started with the FA program, has lost over 200 lbs (she started higher than 340#) and is just going on a maintenance program.  This is the first time I've seen her so healthy and vital! She looks mahvelous, and says she has never felt more healthy and…


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UC Davis Medical Center WeCare peer navigator COPE model

Completed the UC Davis Medical Center "WeCare" cancer peer navigation COPE model: Creativity, Optimism, Planning, Expert information
Status posted by Randy Hennigerjust…

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Deliver Cancer a knock out punch!

After spending a night wrestling with "cancer dreams", I woke up feeling some ill physical side effects. Bleck! As I stared into my bathroom mirror wondering how long this morning sickness will last... I noticed my nemesis (cancer) stood…

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Help Dustin Hughes get his chemo meds!

Just wanted to repost a string from FaceBook that shows just how powerful a support group can be:


Dustin Hughes Okay... I am finally frustrated. I have had enough of this Pharmacy. I am not one to use my influence or frustration in a negative way, but after yet another unbelievable and completely unhelpful exchange with this darn…

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Randy's journal entries from rectal cancer diagnosis through surgery (just two weeks) in March 1986

Randy’s Journal entries during cancer diagnosis and surgery:


3/10/86: Diagnosis of rectal cancer..feel lost, afraid, unstable. Dr. Grover recommends removal surgery and colostomy requires “bag out of stomach to deficate….very negative, repulsive idea.


This would have been a great opportunity to insert a survival buddy, someone with a colostomy, my age (30), young family, active lifestyle.


3/11/86: AM:Great support from Tricia’s family, Peggy…


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Hughes Troop and FaceBook friends a great place to "lift up" Dustin: fighting brain cancer

I wanted to share some of the ongoing communications on social media website, FACEBOOK, to and from Dustin Hughes, who is battling brain cancer. His journal entries and responses from the community, I think, apply to CRC and others. Please see below and join the Hughes Troop on FACEBOOK, if you wish at:

FACEBOOK Posts Dated: 17 August 2011

Randy… Continue

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5 Keys to Cancer Survival by a 25 year colon cancer survivor

Key #1: Don't play the victim


Key #2: Treat your "whole" self


Key #3: Give back


Key #4: Visualization and Meditation


Key #5: Live a healthy lifestyle

Exercise 30 minutes everyday (I prefer a surf session daily, but walking, biking, swimming or your…


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2nd Key to Surviving Cancer

The second key to surviving cancer is to heal your "whole" self. We are more than just our physical body that the cancer is attacking. We are body, mind and spirit. When we marshal resources for the battle against cancer, we must be sure to include what we need to win at the physical, emotional and spiritual…


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The first "key" to cancer survival...R. Henniger


Don't play the victim. Yeah, it's rotten, it sucks, it's scary, it hurts, it's depressing, and none of those feelings are going to help me get better!


Coming to the fight of my life with a victor's attitude removes me from the "why me Lord" spot and allows my body the extra energy it…


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My Inspiration To Write

For years I've been envious of my sister Layla.  For over 15 years she has written a bi-weekly column for the Connecticut based Norwalk Citizen titled "Laugh Lines". Until recently, writing was a talent that I thought had eluded me until I wrote…


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Happy 45th Anniversary

Having spent many years in the retail business I have some experience with anniversaries; specifically what to get him or her on those "milestone" anniversaries. Let's see; for the 10th it's diamond jewelry, the 15th is silver and the 50th is…


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How Cancer Changed My Life

Everyone knows at some level that life is finite, but I never thought about it as concretely or as often as after my cancer diagnosis. Cancer survivors are acutely aware of our limited time on earth. It’s a side effect of mortality staring you in the face. Once I crossed that line in the sand, I realized my cancer experience had permanently affected my perception of time. The shift for me began during my second week of a 24-hour a day chemo treatment. Seven days of toxic chemicals corsing… Continue

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There is a monster in our closet...

Freddy has cancer, there I said it. I haven't wanted to say it because that makes it real. It's like having that monster in your closet, you know how scared you were as a kid of the monster in the closest or under the bed. Now I know what it is and it could come out anytime.. The rest of the world doesn't know about what its like to be afraid or apprehensive and lost..They haven't had the monster visit them and I hope they NEVER do. When my Dad died 30 years ago from bile duct cancer I had… Continue

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