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Part 3: Consults and CT Scans

Originally published August 8, 2009

Last Wednesday, July 29th, I went for my consultation with my GI surgeon. In a nutshell, the tumor has grow into the wall and he’s recommended radiation and chemotherapy to shrink the tumor prior to surgery. On Thursday, the 30th, I had a CT scan on Thursday. For a more detailed…


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Part 2 – Kool-Ate: The Great Colonoscopy Adventure

August 2, 2009

This past week was a busy one for me, with several medical appointments. I took most of the week off from work to accommodate the appointments and to give myself a bit…


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5 Keys to Defeating Colon Cancer and Surviving the Cure

Here are my five "keys" to defeating colon cancer. It worked for me and adapted to your specific situation, I am certain it will work for you...

Key #1: Don't play the victim

Key #2: Treat your "whole" self

Key #3: Give back

Key #4: Visualization and Meditation

Key #5: Live a healthy lifestyle

First Key Don't play the victim. Yeah, it's rotten, it sucks, it's scary, it hurts, it's depressing, and none of those feelings are going to help me…


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What's the #GoodForYou all about?

Has anyone noticed the level of daily Twitter chatter around colonoscopy? E.G. Erin Dunsey @shezadunsey drove a bunch of traffic last week when she tweeted her bowel prep.

We've been giving people a "pat on the back" for talking about their experiences publicly--good, bad or ugly--so we started to retweet with the hashtag #goodforyou. You can read more about this here:…


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What's in a name?

First blog post for Third Eye Colonoscopy

If I didn't get to meet you at the 2012 CCA National Conference in Baltimore, here's a heart-felt post about the role Third Eye Retroscope can play in improving the quality of colonoscopy.


Debbie Donovan,

Employee of Avantis Medical Systems

Director, Marketing Third Eye Colonoscopy

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Cancer Patients and Survivors - Exercise??

I am asked consistently – How do you do it? Biology has a lot to do with it. I have been very fortunate that treatment thus far has been very successful at keeping my cancer “stable”. However, I do attribute a lot of my success so far to various other components. This blog post is just one of the many ways that I have chosen to live that has been beneficial to my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Cancer patients and survivors should strive to get the same…


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Happy 45th Anniversary

Having spent many years in the retail business I have some experience with anniversaries; specifically what to get him or her on those "milestone" anniversaries. Let's see; for the 10th it's diamond jewelry, the 15th is silver and the 50th is…


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Genetic Results

Went to Strong yesterday (Fri., 6/5/09) to get the results of my genetic testing. They were looking for mutations in APC sequencing and MYH and also for mutations in the BRCA 1 and 2 sequences. FAP (Familial Adenamotous Polyposis) shows up in APC and MYH and they found a mutation in the APC sequence. Nothing in the BRCA sequences, which is Breast, Colon, Ovarian cancers, showed up.

So I finally have a definitive diagnosis. FAP. At least I didn't show anything for BRCA -- I was pretty… Continue

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2010 Colondar


This is Trish, below is a small homework assignment I had to do for The Colon Club 2010 Calendar I am going to be in. It’s kinda’ weird writing bout’ myself in a she her context. I can’t believe they picked me for lack of a scar, I get to fly to NY the first week of June.

Patricia “Trish” Kraus (Wayne, MI) –Trish was diagnosed with stage II colon cancer in November of 2006 at the age of 43. She had nearly a 100% obstruction of her sigmoid colon with surgery a… Continue

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wow i really have cancer!!!

well, went to my appt. and let just get this out of the way...... oh s#$t. this can't possibly be happening to me. maybe they mixed up the stuff at the lab(can any one say denial!!!). okay enough pouting and shaking my fist at the sky! does anyone know anything about cetuximab c225. this is a clinical trail they want me to take part in and i only have until monday to decide. everyone i know has an opinion. but they are not the one who will have to live with a serious pizza face (that what my dr… Continue

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A cancer nerd's first post - a long time in the making...

Welcome to my very first blog post. Ever.

I have thought about blogging for the past number of years. My friend Sarah and I wanted to start a celebrity gossip/social commentary blog because we think the emails we send back and forth to each other with our cheeky comments about celebrities' latest career forays and flops, wardrobe malfunctions and/or general lack of fashion sense, accidental pregnancies, accidental marriages, etc., are quite clever. If we do say so ourselves. I have… Continue

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