Drum Roll........ MRI results: Still "No Evidence of Disease"   Still dancing with ned!

So I guess gall stones is a good thing when the alternative is metastatic disease and explains the pain.

He loaded me up with pain meds and scheduled a trip back in 6 more months.  He explained we can quit checking MY CEA since in my case it is meaningless.  His explanation is that since my tumor never raised my CEA it doesn't produce the substance that CEA tests for.  For CEA to go up the tumor cells would have to mutate to cells that make the substance or I would have to get a second primary.  Both unlikely events.   Playing the numbers game....I couldn't resist myself.  My chance of recurrence now is down to about 1 in 7.  That's a far cry better then the 50/50 or worse stage 3 rectal cancer patients have at diagnosis.

My wife got her stitches out from her broken wrists today, She is happy to be on the road to recovery.

she had plates and screws in one wrist from a fall 5 years ago.  The surgeon was impressed, she actually bent the screws in this fall.  Now she has new plates/screws/pins in both wrists.  We both have Osteoporosis but I haven't broken anything.

Some of my humor now adorns the staff break room of the Orthopedic office


An apple every eight hours will keep three doctors away.

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Comment by Grace De La Rosa on April 11, 2012 at 10:59pm

Fantastic News!  Is your next check-up at the end of each April?  Keep us posted!  P.S.  I "see" you on "Members Online", but you're so quiet in there!

Comment by Jeanne A on April 27, 2011 at 12:09am

Happy happy joy joy!  Let's all do the NED dance!  Such great news, John.  Thank you for sharing with us!

Jeanne A

Comment by Jeannie Moore on April 26, 2011 at 10:44pm

Congratulations John and also to your wife!  Happy to do the NED dance with you!!!  This news helps all of us keep going!  Hope both of you take it easy and enjoy almost getting back to normal!

:) jeannie

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