I'm off to Duke for an MRI in an hour.  Who knows why Its scheduled for Saturday morning, I guess they are trying to milk all the money they can out of the machine.   The test may clear up what has been causing my right side abdominal pain.  At first I thought it was mets or adheasions, then I saw the last MRI found gall stones and that made sence.  Maybe the mystery will be solved, the pain has been less severe and less frequent.  I don't see the doctor for two weeks so I guess I will go and demand to see my medical record to get the report before then, I'm not good at waiting.  The insurance I have now is 80-20 with a 1000. deductable so even with insurance it may cost me 6000. this year.  Odd to be talking about going broke even with insurance but I'm already there.


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Comment by Lee Silverstein on April 19, 2011 at 3:38pm
Hey John.  Sorry you had to miss Saturday morning cartoons.  If you need an update on what happened between the Roadrunner and Coyote let me know (I'll give you a clue; it was a rough day again for the coyote).  Hope you're feeling better.
Comment by Jeannie Moore on April 16, 2011 at 4:08pm

good luck John - i hope this mri confirms we are only dealing with gall bladder stones.  I know the waiting is hard.  Do your best to read, listen to music, walk around, visit folks to help pass the time.  That sun will come up tomorrow as they say and the test will then be behind you.


There are days I get so tired of educating people about healthcare costs.  Innocent folks who have never had a major illness and get their insurance through their work honestly have no idea that they themselves can find themselves bankrupt down road if they get cancer or some other chronic disease. 

I'm so sorry John.  No one deserves to wake up mid-life and find all that they have worked for gone because they got cancer.  Just sucks.

off my soap box now - fingers and toes crossed for good results,



Comment by Beth Falk on April 16, 2011 at 8:26am

Good luck, John.  I hope the MRI provides some answers and some simple, reassuring ones.  I find myself wondering how it's going to be living with this kind of anxiety in the background from here on out...I suppose it's our tradeoff for surviving.


The insurance thing is daunting, isn't it?  I'm already staggering at the cost of some of my treatment, and I haven't even had the big surgery yet.  At this point, what it means for our family is giving up some vacations and other "extras," so while it's frustrating it's not impossible yet, but down the road, who knows?  My heart aches for people who have to make the choice between medical care and  feeding their families or keeping money in savings for security.  :(


Hope all goes well for you today.

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