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   It's my wife's turn with the insurance card.  She slipped and fell in the kitchen on Friday and broke both of her wrists.   One of them had a plate and screws in it from 5 years ago.  We both have Osteoprosis. This time she managed to bend the plate and strip out screws.  The Ortho  doctor was so impressed she showed me the x-rays.   She said she had only seen one other case of bending a plate without breaking the bone at a location above or below the plate and that person was an athlete.  

   I will be learning about being a care giver now.  Surgery is Wednesday to put plates and screws in both wrists.   I'm going to quit complaining about how often I have to wipe my  butt since at least I can still reach it.


An apple every eight hours will keep three doctors away

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Comment by Jeanne A on April 12, 2011 at 1:11pm

Hi John, This isn't good news!  Too bad for your wife.  You may be wiping her butt for a while!  How are you doing?  Are you in ok shape to be caregiver for a while?  There are things like grocery stores where you can order online and they deliver (good for all but produce, in my opinion).

We can brainstorm other ideas if you need them, to make life easier for both of you.

With warm thoughts,

Jeanne A

Comment by Jeannie Moore on April 12, 2011 at 11:27am

OMG John!!  Your poor wife!  Both wrists!!!  That is so sad.  I'm so sorry.  Poor thing, I hope she is not in alot of pain.  Yes, you'll be the caregiver and all that goes with it, laundry, grocery, cooking, cleaning - you can do it!!!!  You survived cancer, you'll survive this.

give my best to your wife,

sending healing thoughts,


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