Thoughts and Reflections - my EIGHT YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!

Amazing, really. EIGHT YEARS since my cancer diagnosis. The average is 2 yrs.  I'm still hanging in there.  I'm SO appreciative of the circumstances contributing to my longevity.  Call it being blessed, or fortunate, or lucky...regardless, I'm incredibly appreciative. 

I've been remembering some of the rough spots over the past 8 years, and there have been a few!  I've been remembering some of the 'jewels' I've discovered, even the more obscure ones.  Like the elderly woman I met in Davis CA about 5 years ago.  I was visiting my mom, and we were at a strip mall getting ToGos sandwiches. Mom was inside, and I was sitting on a bench outside with Eddie, my dog.  The woman approached me, and we started talking about dogs.  She explained that her dogs sniffed out her cancer!  Turns out she was also a Stage 4 crc survivor, of 14 years. She said that when her tumors grow, they put her on chemo.  And when they shrink, she goes off chemo.  At the time I didn't think she could be describing my life.  I was only 3 years into it at that point.

I think of the sparkling jewels who are my family, friends and my support network.  And the strength I've drawn from having you all in my life.  There are organizations that have been lifelines for me, like CCA, and The Cancer Support Community.  My oncologist and I have developed a great team relationship.  We work together on my continued survival!


There is the most amazing blog post by another stage 4 crc survivor that so aptly describes what our lives are like.  

Thinking of you, and how great it is to have you in my life.

Big Hugs,


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Comment by Randy Henniger on October 17, 2013 at 12:13pm


Thanks for sharing!



Comment by Jessica Vrabel on October 17, 2013 at 10:08am

God bless Jeanne, we are blessed to have you with us on thi site, you are a true inspiration. hugs xox

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